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Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Natural Resource Ecology and Management degree information

What is Natural Resource Ecology and Management?

The natural resource ecology and management major provides an integrated education in renewable natural resources management, conservation and utilization, as well as a valuable perspective for understanding and solving critical environmental problems on local, regional and global scales.

Why Study Natural Resource Ecology and Management?

The management of all natural resources becomes increasingly important as the demands on natural and managed habitats increase. The quality of our lives is directly connected to the health of our ecosystems. Natural resource ecology and management programs are designed to give our graduates the tools and experiences necessary to understand and apply ecological sciences and principles to benefit mankind and the environment. These ecological principles apply to the wise management of both public and private lands as well as to intensively managed or wilderness landscapes. The professional positions our graduates pursue upon graduation are as varied as the natural resources they wish to protect and enhance.

What Could I Do With a Degree in Natural Resource Ecology and Management?

  • Conservation officer
  • Environmental consultant
  • Fire ecologist
  • Fisheries biologist
  • Forest resource manager
  • Game warden
  • Rangeland conservationist
  • Refuge/preserve manager
  • Research scientist
  • Stream ecologist
  • Veterinarian
  • Zoo biologist


Degree Options

Within natural resource ecology and management, you have the option to select a predefined emphasis area or work with your faculty advisor to customize your plan of study.

  • Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology (BSAG)
    Provides understanding of ecological processes important to aquatic ecosystems with emphasis on how these processes can be used to manage for aquatic ecosystem health, various fishery objectives or aquaculture.
  • Forestry Ecology and Management (BSAG)
    Emphasizes the biological, socio-political and managerial skills needed to ensure the sustainability of forest ecosystems.
  • Rangeland Ecology and Management (BSAG)
    Provides knowledge of ecology of grasslands and other kinds of rangelands and how these lands can be sustainably managed for multiple uses and ecosystem health.
  • Wildlife Biology and Pre-Veterinary Science (BSAG)
    Preparation for post-graduate studies in veterinary medicine with a focus on wild and/or exotic species.
  • Wildlife Ecology and Management (BSAG)
    Provides the biological and ecological basis for managing wildlife populations and habitats with emphasis on current management issues.


Finish in 4
For each undergraduate degree program in CASNR, we have prepared example plans of how you may successfully complete your degree plan in four years.

Fast Fact
The Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management offers two study abroad courses, one to the Galapagos Islands and the other to the Andes Highlands of Peru.

Natural Resource Ecology and Management Highlight
Seniors in their final capstone course tackle a real resource management problem for a land or resource agency, working with a professional or private landowner. This prepares graduates for their first professional assignment.

About the Department

Real-World Experience
Students in all options are encouraged or required to have internships or professional summer job experience before graduation. This provides students real-world experiences, enhances their educational experience and may well lead to permanent employment following graduation.

Student Involvement
Students in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management have the opportunity to join and become active members of one of the many student organizations available in the department. Participation in one or more of these organizations provides students the opportunity to attend state, regional or national meetings where they gain valuable advantages through networking, student competitions and interacting with various career-related activities.

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