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Student Spotlight - Joanna Quiah

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We asked students in the College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources their favorite parts of CASNR, OSU and the college life. Meet Joanna Quiah, a biosystems and agricultural engineering major from Edmond, OK!









Name: Joanna Quiah

Hometown: Edmond, OK

Major: Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering


Why did you choose OSU?
I was looking for a university that could push me academically, support me financially, and provide a home away from home. Little did I know that my dream university was less than an hour away from my own house. When I toured OSU for the first time, I was witness to the students’ enthusiasm to attend OSU and how they actively wanted prospective students to share their wonderful college experience. Combined with the passion of the students, and professors, and the prestigious engineering program, I knew OSU was the place for me.

Why did you choose CASNR?
I chose CASNR because of the faculty. One of the first times I visited OSU, I was greeted by several CASNR faculty and was instantly comforted by their devotion to their jobs. It seemed that the department as a whole was close-knit and well connected with the students. I was told that along with a 13:1 student to faculty ratio, the resources for career development and academic success are abundant enough to help students excel through college and beyond. After being here for a year, I can happily attest that this is very true.

What are you involved in as a student?
I am currently an honors student, CASNR Career Liaison, CEAT Scholar, CEAT Ambassador, and served on the CEAT Freshman Council. I am also working as an undergraduate in research for CASNR, and serve as a member of Theta Tau, a professional engineering society.

How do you believe CASNR is preparing you for your future?
With resources like the Student Success Center, I believe CASNR is preparing me for the future by providing free resume help and career advising, while preparing and encouraging students to attend the Career Fair. I have also experienced the classes to be more centered on real world applications, and how to interact with future employers and peers.

What advice do you have for future CASNR students?
My advice to future CASNR students would be to arrive with an anticipation to learn and have fun. College courses are more time consuming, and are more difficult than high school courses, but if you utilize the resources provided, such as tutoring and the Student Success Center, and you will have the experience of your life!

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