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Important Enrollment Information for OSU Spring Term

A Message from the OSU Registrar

Unless you will be completing your degree requirements this semester, it is now time to begin planning your enrollment for Spring 2015. Please read carefully the following enrollment information:


  • Enrollment Dates and Deadlines: Enrollment for the OSU Spring 2015 terms begins on Monday, October 20. Enrollment guides provide a schedule of enrollment dates, important drop/add and refund deadlines, and information about how to enroll.


  • Enrollment Holds: Be sure to check your enrollment “Holds” on SIS under the “Student Records” section. All registration holds effective for the term must be cleared before you will be able to enroll. Contact the entry office associated with the hold to determine what action you should take to have it removed. See the Registration and Transcripts Holds website for more information. SPECIAL REMINDER: All students must complete HAVEN sexual assault prevention training before they can enroll. Go to: https://1is2many.okstate.edu/.


  • Academic AdvisingAcademic advising is required before enrollment. Plan ahead to make arrangements to see your advisor in advance of your enrollment date. You do not need to wait until your holds are cleared to meet with your advisor.


  • Finding Classes: Notice that several course search options are available on SIS. Select “Search for Classes” and choose the link under “Course Search.” You may:
    • Search by day/time combination
    • Search by subject
    • Search by general education code(s)
    • Search by course level (1000, 2000, etc.)
    • Search for short courses by start date



Please plan your enrollment carefully and make sure that after you enroll your course schedule reflects the correct coursesYou are responsible for the courses that appear on your schedule, and changes to your schedule must adhere to the dates listed in the enrollment guide. Contact your academic advisor if you have questions.




K. Celeste Campbell, Ph.D.

Oklahoma State University Registrar