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AG 3011: Transfer Seminar

AG 3011 is a one-credit seminar for CASNR transfer students.

AG 3011: Transfer Seminar is designed to support the academic and professional success of transfer students new to CASNR. The one-credit seminar meets during the first eight weeks of the fall semester and is an elective course. In the seminar, you will meet other transfer students and address the following topics:

• Effectively navigate campus resources

• Understand OSU policies and procedures

• Develop professional networking within and outside the institution

• Maintain relationship with faculty advisor

• Plan for degree completion

• Career preparation and development of employability skills

The course is led by Katie Tearney, Student Success Coordinator. In addition, students are facilitated through the course by Success Coaches for Outstanding Transfers (SCOUTs). SCOUTs are upperclassmen students who previously navigated the transfer process. They serve as a resource to a a small group of new transfer students and assist with the transition into OSU and CASNR by answering questions and organizing group activities.

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