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Freshmen in Transition (FIT)

Freshmen in Transition (FIT)

Freshmen in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Oklahoma State University have the opportunity to participate in Freshmen In Transition (FIT).

FIT is a residential living-learning community that helps students transition to college by providing an atmosphere for personal and academic growth through engagement, service and networking. The program sets expectations important to student success and fosters independence, interest in new experiences, leadership development and academic excellence. Students are encouraged to investigate and practice beneficial behaviors and incorporate them into their college experience.

Students selected for FIT live with other CASNR freshman students and student academic mentors (SAMs). The FIT SAMs assist in building community, coordinate on-going programming activities, and are a key resource in assisting students in becoming engaged and involved in academic, extracurricular, professional, and social activities that promote personal growth and development.

How to apply

Placement in Freshmen In Transition (FIT) is determined by a competitive process based on a comprehensive review of the applications. You are encouraged to apply for FIT as soon as you receive your admission confirmation into CASNR, as spaces are limited. Submitting an application does not guarantee placement in FIT. Students must be enrolled within the CASNR for the entire academic year. The application deadline for priority consideration ends Feb. 1. Students who apply for FIT by Feb. 1 will be notified of their placement status through their Okey email account no later than Feb. 15. Applications will be accepted until May 1.

*IMPORTANT: Applying to FIT does not replace applying for campus housing with OSU Housing and Residential Life and completing a Housing and Residential Life contract. As a freshman you are required to live on campus. You cannot be selected and placed into FIT until you have completed a Housing and Residential Life contract with Residential Life. Applying for FIT and applying for housing are two separate processes.

What are the steps?

  1. Complete Oklahoma State University Admission Application
  2. Get Accepted to Oklahoma State University
  3. Complete FIT Application, Available Oct. 1
  4. Complete Housing and Residential Life Application, Available Dec. 1

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the expectations of FIT?
    • FIT students are expected to be active and engaged members of the program. Students are given expectations that guide them through the freshman year and provide an environment of academic, professional, and personal growth. To see a detailed list of expectations refer to the 2018-2019 FIT Expectations document.
  • When does FIT meet during the semester?
    • In addition to the expectations, FIT participants are required to attend monthly small group meetings that are on Sunday nights at 7 p.m. They are also required to attend monthly small group meetings that are conducted by their FIT Student Academic Mentor. The time of small group meeting is decided each semester based on participants class schedules.
  • Do I have to be in FIT to live in CASNR Village?
    • CASNR Village is a living-learning community reserved for FIT students. You must be a FIT member to live in CASNR Village.
  • Do I need to apply for housing with Residential Life and apply to FIT separately?
    • Yes. Once you have been admitted into OSU, you may apply for FIT through your admissions portal beginning on October 1. Housing contracts can be found at reslife.okstate.edu. All students living on campus must submit a housing contract, regardless of whether or not you are accepted into FIT. Housing contracts are available beginning December 1.
  • Why can’t I select CASNR Village when completing my Housing and Residential Life application? I am applying for FIT and want to live in CASNR Village.
    • CASNR Village is reserved for students who are accepted into the FIT program. When completing the housing application, select the housing choice that is your preference if you are not accepted into FIT. This ensures you a place to live on campus if you are not accepted into FIT.
  • I requested a roommate before being selected into FIT and now we both have been selected into FIT. Can we be roommates?
    • Once accepted into the FIT program and FIT contract is received you will be given a time ticket by Housing and Residential Life that will allow them access to the housing portal to select a room. Spaces are selected by students at a first come first basis. For further information, please contact Housing and Residential Life: reslife.okstate.edu/
  • Is my application fee for residential life the same as my participation due for FIT?
    • No, these are separate. The application fee for Housing and Residential Life secures your room. The participation due for FIT is used for FIT activities, supplies and other needs throughout the academic year.
  • I have been accepted into FIT. When will I be accepted into CASNR Village? Do I need to contact Residential Life?
    • You will be given a time ticket by Housing and Residential Life that will allow them access to the housing portal to select a room. Spaces are selected by students at a first come first basis.
  • How much is the FIT participation due and when do I pay it?
    • The FIT participation due is $150. Once accepted into FIT the participation due will be placed on your August University bursar account.
  • Who are the FIT SAMs?
    • A group of previous FIT participants who serve as mentors to FIT. To learn more about the 2018-2019 mentors visit the FIT SAM page.

For more information

Amber McGee
Student Development Coordinator
103 Agricultural Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078
Email me


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