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Study Abroad Funding Options

There are thousands of study abroad scholarships available for merit, financial need, and even specialty awards. In 2012-13, Gilman awarded 2,900 scholarships for a total of $11.3 million. CASNR and OSU as a whole offer more than $1 million in study abroad scholarships annually.



For more scholarships and financial aid, opportunities visit the OSU Study Abroad/National Student Exchange Office.

CASNR Study Abroad is always seeking additional scholarship opportunities for our students. Please see the options we have found for you:

Scholarship Name:Application Closes:
Need, Merit, and Diversity Scholarship Nov. 15, 2018
RewardExpert Offer Study Abroad Scholarship Nov. 15, 2018
Tortuga Study Abroad Scholarship Dec. 20, 2018

Facebook Advertising Scholarship

Dec. 31, 2018

Travel Visa Pro Scholarship Program June 30, 2019
Fund for Education Abroad Sept. 18, 2018
Annual CGTrader Scholarship Dec. 14, 2018
The American School of Classical Studies at Athens Jan 2019
WSA Cultural Bridge Scholarship Sept. 15, 2018
The Student Side Hustler Scholarship Feb. 1, 2019
Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Scholarship Feb. 15, 2019
The Education Abroad Network Full Ride Scholarship Mar. 1, 2019
The Runner click Sports & Academic Scholarship Apr. 30, 2019
Wander Pigs Study Abroad Scholarship May 17, 2019
Room to Travel Study Abroad Scholarship Aug. 1, 2018
FlipKey Study Abroad Scholarship Aug. 15, 2018
Owner Direct Vacation Rentals Study Away Scholarship Aug. 20, 2018
Dolly Rounds Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship N/A
CYA- Study Abroad Scholarships Rolling Application