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Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics

Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics degree information

What is Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics?

The OSU Department of Agricultural Economics offers two majors, agribusiness and agricultural economics, with several options. The core courses for the two majors are the same.

Agribusiness is the sum total of all operations involved in the manufacturing and distribution of agricultural and natural resource input supplies, production operations of agricultural and natural resource firms (farm, ranch, forestry, fishery, etc.) and the storage, distribution and consumption of food, fiber and other agricultural and natural resource products.

Agricultural economics is an applied social science showing how firms allocate scarce resources to produce food, fiber and other products, and distribute them over time, place and form.


Why Study Agribusiness or Agricultural Economics?

A major in agribusiness or agricultural economics will help you develop the business and economics skills you need to be a leader in agriculture or in many other related industries. You can gain an understanding of how to analyze the big-picture issues related to agricultural, food or natural resource policies; rural or community development; or environmental and natural resource economics.

What Could I Do With a Degree in Agribusiness or Agricultural Economics?

  • Agricultural advisor
  • Agricultural processing firm
  • Attorney
  • Crop or livestock marketing
  • Electric energy areas
  • Farm input supply firm
  • Farm or ranch management
  • Insurance agent
  • International trade
  • Loan officer
  • Oil and gas
  • Public policy Veterinary or other medical area

Degree Options

Within agribusiness and agricultural economics, you have the option to select a predefined emphasis area or work with your faculty advisor to customize your plan of study.


  • Major without an option (BSAG)
  • Agricultural Communications Double Major (BSAG)
  • Crop and Soil Sciences option (BSAG)
  • Farm and Ranch Management option (BSAG)
  • International option (BSAG)
  • Pre-Law option (BSAG)
  • Pre-Veterinary Business Management option (BSAG)

Agricultural Economics

  • Major without an option (BSAG)
  • Accounting Double Major (BSAG)

Agricultural Economics Specializations:

  • Community and Regional Analysis
  • General
  • Natural Resources
  • Quantitative Studies


Finish in 4
For each undergraduate degree program in CASNR, we have prepared example plans of how you may successfully complete your degree plan in four years.

Fast Fact
OSU’s first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), “Farm to Fork: A Panoramic View of Agriculture,” is offered through the agricultural economics department.

Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics Highlight
Agribusiness and agricultural economics students receive valuable hands-on education including job shadowing with a salesman, development of economic models with data collected by class members, interviews with department alumni and real-world project experience such as farm real estate appraisal and marketing feasibility of products for a real firm.

About the Department

Scholarship Opportunities
The OSU Department of Agricultural Economics annually awards approximately $130,000 in scholarships to undergraduate students in the department. Last year, CASNR awarded an additional $600,000 to students within the college.

International Learning Experience
OSU’s partnership with China Agricultural University (CAU) brings dual-degree students to CASNR and the department. The program began in 2011 and provides student participants from each institution an opportunity to study in and benefit from the academic and cultural environment of the other institution. This includes the opportunity for OSU students to spend an academic year studying at CAU.

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