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Horticulture degree information

What is Horticulture?

Horticulture is the science, artistry, business and technology used to produce specialty crops for food and beautification of the environment. Opportunities for horticulture students are far reaching and unique. This includes learning sustainable practices with hands-on hydroponics or vertical growing systems, gaining experiences related to plant production, maintenance, business practices and client relations, or even traveling abroad to experience global horticultural development and market trends. Additionally, students will be able to discover opportunities in arboriculture, turfgrass science and public garden management through The Botanic Garden at OSU, which frequently is utilized by students as an outdoor learning laboratory.

Why Study Horticulture?

Plants make our world healthy and beautiful. From greenhouses, laboratories and landscapes, to global food security and eco-awareness, horticulture connects people to the environment. Global dependence on technological advancements and sustainable resource use will require knowledgeable persons to solve the increasingly complex challenges which will arise in feeding our ever increasing populations with limited resources, and creating and maintaining beautiful environments in which to live.

Horticulture career opportunities are ever changing. Horticulture graduates are highly marketable in a career field in which there is a shortage of well-trained graduates to fill available positions.

What Could I Do With a Degree in Horticulture?

  • Athletic field manager
  • Botanic garden director
  • Business sales representative
  • Community garden coordinator
  • Extension specialist
  • Food processing specialist
  • Golf course superintendent
  • Greenhouse manager
  • Lawn management specialist
  • Nursery manager
  • Plant breeder/geneticist
  • Plant health inspector

Degree Options

Within horticulture, you have the option to select a predefined emphasis area or work with your faculty advisor to customize your plan of study. These options include:

  • Horticultural Business (BSAG)
    Prepares students for entry into a horticultural business enterprise with a choice between three built-in minors: agricultural economics, entrepreneurship or general business.
  • Horticultural Science (BSAG)
    Emphasizes both the “why” and “how” of horticultural science, including topics such as genetics and plant physiology.
  • Public Horticulture option (BSAG)
    Emphasizes the design, installation and management of horticultural plantings in public spaces including arboreta and municipalities. Choose between two areas of emphasis: public garden management or urban horticulture.
  • Turf Management option (BSAG)
    Prepares students for production and management of turfgrass in settings including golf courses, parks, athletic fields, landscapes and roadsides.


Finish in 4
For each undergraduate degree program in CASNR, we have prepared example plans of how you may successfully complete your degree plan in four years.

Fast Fact
OSU-developed turfgrasses can be found in ball parks and stadiums across the country including OSU’s Allie P. Reynolds Stadium, OU’s Owen Field, Tennessee Titans’ Nissan Stadium, Kansas City Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium, Texas Rangers’ Global Life Park and Kansas City Royals’ Kauffman Stadium.

Horticulture Highlight
Horticulture students have the opportunity to travel abroad to experience global greenhouse horticultural production. Countries explored include Belgium, France, Germany and Holland.

About the Department

Real-World Experience
Hands-on laboratories are included in many courses, and students in the department have the unique advantage of utilizing The Botanic Garden at OSU and the Water Conservation and Irrigation Training Center. Additionally, all students in the department are required to complete an internship prior to graduation.

Scholarship Dollars
The Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture annually awards more than $100,000 in scholarships to undergraduate students in the department.

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