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Alumni Spotlight - ANSCI

Tiffani Pruitt

Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, 2005
State Brand Registrar and Director of Membership, Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association


Tiffani Pruitt is a 2009 Animal Science graduate. She began working for the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association when she graduated and is now Director of Membership and Brand Registration. During her undergraduate career, Pruitt served in many leadership roles at Oklahoma State University in the Department of Animal Science and graduated with honors.

“Being an Animal Science student at Oklahoma State University meant that I was part of a highly respecteddepartment on the national and university levels” said Pruitt. “Though this is the largest major on the OSU campus, it felt like one of the smallest because of the friendships you develop with the faculty and fellow students. This department offers countless opportunities that will help prepare you for success in the future no matter what career path you choose.”

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