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Clubs and Organizations

CASNR Clubs, Organizations and Teams

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CASNR Organization/Judging Team Connect with us! Advisor(s)
AECL Graduate Student Association Facebook Quisto Settle
Aggie-X Club Facebook | Twitter

John Michael Riley

Mike Woods

Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT)Facebook | Twitter

Shelly Sitton

Samantha Warner

Agricultural Economics Graduate Student Association Brian Whitacre
Agricultural Economics Quiz Bowl Team Derrell Peel
Agronomy Club Twitter

Sergio Abit

Beatrix Haggard

Alpha Epsilon

Danielle Bellmer

Alpha Zeta Website | Facebook | Twitter

Gretchen Mafi

Cynda Clary

Rob Terry

American Fisheries Society

Dan Shoup

Jim Long

American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE)


Carol Jones

Dan Thomas

American Society of Landscape Architects

Cheryl Mihalko

Bo Zhang

Animal Science Academic Quadrathlon Team Blake Wilson
Animal Science Graduate Student Association Blake Wilson
Animal Science Leadership Alliance

Carrie Jansen

Jerry Fitch

Biochemistry Club Facebook Patricia Canaan
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Graduate Student Association

Andrew Mort

John Gustafson

Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering Graduate Student Association Ning Wang
Block & Bridle Club Facebook | Twitter

Deb VanOverbeke

Justin Crosswhite

CASNR Ambassadors

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Kassie Jo Winn-Huizar

Cynda Clary

CASNR Career Liaisons Website Taylor Harbuck
CASNR Student Council

Website | FacebookTwitter

Divya Jaroni

Shannon Ferrell

Deb VanOverbeke

Collegiate 4-H Website | Facebook

Jeff Sallee

Kevin Allen

Collegiate American Farmers and Ranchers

Shannon Ferrell

Collegiate Farm Bureau

Jerry Fitch

Collegiate FFA/ATA Facebook | Twitter Jon Ramsey
Cowboy Motorsports Website | Facebook | Twitter John Long
Cowboy Waterworks
Saleh Taghvaeian
Crops Judging Team
Beatrix Haggard
Dairy Cattle Judging Team David Jones
Dairy Science Club



Leon Spicer

David Jones

ENPP Graduate Student Association Hassan Melouk
Environmental Science Club Facebook

Adam Cobb

Karen Hickman

Equine Judging Team Facebook Steven Cooper
Food Science Club Facebook

Ranjith Ramanathan

Ravi Jadeja

William McGlynn

Freshmen In Transition (FIT) Website Amber McGee
Horseman's Association Facebook Natalie Baker
Horticulture Club Facebook

Niels Maness

Bruce Dunn

Horticulture Club Judging Team Janet Cole
Landscape Management Club

Janet Cole

Lou Anella

Linnaean Games Team Wyatt Hoback
Livestock Judging Team Facebook Blake Bloomberg
Meat Animal Evaluation Team

Gretchen Mafi

Blake Bloomberg

Meat Judging Team Facebook Gretchen Mafi
Meat Science Association Gretchen Mafi
Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS)

Jose Uscanga

Justin Moss

Cynda Clary

NREM Graduate Student Association Tim O'Connell
Oklahoma Collegiate Cattlemen's Facebook

Dan Stein

Mellissa Crosswhite

Oklahoma Collegiate Cattlewomen Facebook

Cheryl DeVuyst

Becca Lasich

OSU Student Chapter of the Society for Range Management/Range Club Facebook

Laura Goodman

Karen Hickman

Phi Alpha Xi

Janet Cole

Bruce Dunn

Plant ID Team Laura Goodman
Plant & Soil Sciences Graduate Student Association (PSS-GSO)

Shiping Deng

Jeff Edwards

Pre-Veterinary Science Club

Facebook | Twitter

Udaya DeSilva
Rodeo Association Facebook | Twitter

Cody Hollingsworth

Karen Hickman

Sanborn Entomology Club Brad Kard
Sigma Alpha Mellissa Crosswhite
Sigma Lambda Alpha Michael Holmes
Society of American Foresters/Forestry Club Facebook Tom Kuzmic
Soil & Water Conservation Society Jason Warren
Soils Judging Team Brian Carter
StORM John Gustafson
Student Organization for International Agriculture (SOIA)

Shida Henneberry

Pam Bay

Swine Club Facebook | Twitter Scott Carter
The FARM Theory Website | Facebook | Twitter
Carrie Jansen
Turf Club Charles Fontanier
Weed Science Team Misha Manuchehri
Wildlife Society Facebook Sue Fairbanks
Xi Sigma Pi Omkar Joshi