Career Liaisons

Meet Your Career Liaisons

CASNR Career Liaisons develop partnerships to promote self-driven, student career development among stakeholders of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. CASNR Career Liaisons value:

  • Professionalism: Career Liaisons strive to demonstrate and promote student professionalism by being respectful in their attitude and conduct.
  • Expanding Knowledge: Career Liaisons strive to be well-informed about industry advancements, trends and opportunities and to assist others in their pursuit of career-relevant information and hope for the future.
  • Active Engagement and Participation: Career Liaisons strive to model the entrepreneurial spirit valued by employers through operating as owners, following through on commitments, openly communicating, working hard and having fun.
  • Trust: Career Liaisons strive to build authentic, trusting relationships within their team and with stakeholders through honest, reliable, credible and compassionate actions that demonstrate unquestionable integrity.

The Career Liaisons support the professional success of all CASNR students by increasing awareness of and participation in career development activities and by improving the effectiveness with which career-related information is disseminated to CASNR students, faculty, and staff.  The Career Liaisons volunteer for service hours in the Student Success Center each week to help CASNR students with their career-related questions and needs on a walk-in basis. Additionally, the Career Liaisons serve an integral role in the development, planning and production of CASNR Career Services activities and host employers who are visiting campus to recruit CASNR students for their career opportunities.

Career Liaisons Service Hours

Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Meet the 2016-2017 Career Liaisons


Madison AndersenAllyson Casey
AGED Sophomore
Ciera Houlton
Haylee Lindsey
AGLE Junior
Jenna Maltbie 
Mason Martin
AGBU Sophomore
Taylor Neilson
ANSI Senior
Courtney Peterson
ANSI Junior
Joanna Quiah
BAE Sophomore
Anna Ross
AGBU Sophomore
Ricki Schroeder
Megan Trantham
AGBU/AGCM Sophomore
Liza Van der Lann
PASS Junior