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Faculty Checklist

Administrative Forms

  • Submit an Outreach Course Request (To be approved by Department Head and CASNR Associate Dean AGH136)
  • Create a Course Syllabus for academic purposes.


Course Set-Up in Terra Dotta

  • Enter Locations of all overnight stays
  • Enter dates of travel


** Set up your study abroad course in Terra Dotta before it is offered to students. The recommendation is to have it ready during the summer so advertising can be done during the Fall/Spring semesters. Students must have a completed application in Terra Dotta when applying for the Provost Scholarship**


Financial Matters- Process the following

  • **In case you are using a vendor or provider...


  • Requisition (2-3 months prior to departure)

- Attach quote from vendor with requisition

- Attach itinerary with requisition

  • Purchase Order (issued after approval of requisition)
  • Invoice from vendor
  • Process payment for vendor (submit invoice with purchase order)


Student Billing and Enrollment Registration

  • Bill students for the program fee*
  • Enroll students before departure
    - use OUTREACH DROP/ADD FORM (Check enrollment hold)**
  • Bill Students for tuition***
  • Obtain student flight information and enter it to Terra Dotta before the travel dates.


*Program Fee: Your department will do the billing for the program fee.

** To Enroll: Students will need to complete the OUTREACH DROP/ADD form. This form must be submitted to Mary Ellen Givens, CASNR's Administrative Support Specialist, 136 AGH. Mary Ellen will clear the students in Banner and she will send an email to students letting them know they are cleared to enroll in the study abroad course through student self-service in Banner.

***Tuition: This will be billed to students through the Bursar's Office.