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Student Checklist

Application Process

**Make sure you have talked to the instructor leading the study abroad course before starting your application in Terra Dotta. The instructor must approve your online application.**

In Terra Dotta, you will then complete the following materials and questionnaires:

  • CASNR Intent to Participate
  • Mandatory Insurance Coverage
  • Release and Assumption of Risk
  • Responsibilities and Behavior
  • Photo and Video Release
  • Personal Travel While Abroad
  • Travel and Health Safety Modules
  • Passport Book Copy
  • Personal Considerations While Abroad
  • Emergency Contacts
  • To enroll in the course use a drop/add form
  • Since this is an outreach course, students will need to fill out the Outreach drop/add form and submit it to course instructor


Student Financial Responsibilities

  • Obtain a Passport Book (visit the State Department website)
  • Airline Tickets
  • Program Fee
  • OSU Tuition


Scholarship Opportunities